Carrieton Campdraft - Sat 23rd and Sun 24th March 2024

Flinders Ranges Campdraft Club Inc (Carrieton Campdraft)

Carrieton Campdraft was established over 25 years ago and was first started as a fundraiser for the Polocrosse Club. In the early days it was a one-day campdraft that also accommodated a small gymkhana. It soon became a two day event, due to popularity, with competitors from far and wide across SA, NSW and VIC. The small committee built the arena and yards from the ground up and has improved the club house and amenities a great deal over the years.

In the early drafts we would see around 80 – 90 runs and now it is nothing unusual to have this amount or more in just one section. An average campdraft for us at Carrieton now sees around 300-400 runs for the weekend. We are treated to great drafting with some high calibre competitors making the trip each year to our small but mighty draft.

Our draft is also well known for its hospitality with feedback often given on how great the community is here. We are always treated to a wonderful meal encompassing “SNOWS FAMOUS ROAST”. One not to be missed when at the Campdraft in Carrieton!

Campdrafting is a unique Australian sport and is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Catering for the whole family, it is a sport for all ages and abilities. Campdrafting is derived from the days where horses were solely used on properties and yards were not always available. It has now become a competitive sport attracting some of the best horsemen and women in the country to compete to see who has the skill and the horse to take out the win!

Competitors are scored firstly for their cut out and then for their outside course work where they manoeuvre the beast around a set course on a time limit where they are then given points based on how much course was completed and their horsemanship. It takes a lot of time and skill to be at the top of the game.

Since the inception of the Carrieton Campdraft several others have started up within SA and we are happy to see the sport strongly supported with in the state. We have been supported from the start from the community and are delighted to support projects within the district due to the ongoing success of this community event.

Carrieton Campdraft can be found on Facebook and for more information on campdrafting you can visit Southern Campdraft Association Ltd.


President: Bill Willoughby, Mobile: 0429 684 900

Secretary: Chelsea Fleetwood, Mobile: 0427 822 651, Email: